Judy Berry @ThumperThumper
18 September, 08:36
I recently read an interesting article from THE EPOCH TIMES newspaper in which I learned the reason for the deterioration of education in the US. I knew that in the ‘60s that the progressive John Dewey was influential in changing the way children were taught in the public schools. Little did I know his ideas came about as the result of a visit to Russia where he was obviously impressed by their methodology. Upon returning to the US he saw fit to do everything he could to implement those ideas here and do away with the traditional readers like the APPLETON and McGUFFEY PRIMERS which had successfully been used for years and taught children not only how to read but to reason. Thinking his ideas far surpassed the old tried and true strategies, America began a steady decline. Even 10 years ago the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) which assesses adult competencies every 10 years determined that “more than half of US adults scored in the ‘below basic’ literacy range, reading at lower than an eighth grade level. Only 12 percent of adults can read at the highest literacy level ….” Is it any wonder then that many people today are unable to read and think intuitively which makes us easy pawns — willing to believe everything we HEAR rather than delving into the truth for ourselves???
Patriots Media @patriotsmedia
27 March, 09:40
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the West of cowardice as his country fights to stave off Russias invading troops ...
Patriots Media @patriotsmedia
27 March, 09:09 (E)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken walks back Biden remark, says US isn calling for Russian regime change. #Biden #Blinken #Russia

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