Patriots Media @patriotsmedia
31 March, 02:07 (E)
# updates

On our project You can now add Google Maps links in posts. Simply go search Google maps and copy the Share link, and paste it when you post and click enter, add your own comments and post. Its that easy! Enjoy!
Patriots Media @patriotsmedia
27 March, 11:01
# Updates


Progress continues on our project. We made many cosmetic changes to the homepage and theme. New homepage design and many cosmetic changes to the theme was made.

Core changes & updates to YacYak today !

- [Added] ability to add your city in profile settings
- [Added] ability see shared followers between two users
- [Added] new options to user gender
- [Fixed] bug with a negative number of followers
Yac the Yak @yacyak
02 December, 02:49 (E)


Here are some updates to YacYak !

The new advertisement system will place ads randomly in-between posts. To entice users to try the ads system, we gave users $100 in their wallets to try it out. Yep, 100% free. If you recruit users, let us know, and we will give them $100 too. *** Disclaimer *** Please note this cannot be cashed out, it is only to be used within the ads system.

[Added] E-mail notifications system
[Added] Google recaptcha
[Added] Share to whatsapp option
[Added] Share to telegram option
[Fixed] Previous minor bugs
Yac the Yak @yacyak
05 September, 02:55

- [Added] UI display color manager

- [Added] New sidebar design

- [Fixed] Removed @ from username

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

- [Fixed] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue

- [Improved] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue

The kernel of the system has been improved, unnecessary components have been removed, the loading speed has been increased, a lot of changes have been made to the kernel to further improve the quality of the system and simplify the implementation of new functions
Yac the Yak @yacyak
05 September, 02:39
Our apologies to any new users that lost their avatar and cover images. Some data got corrupted by mistake. We have changed how these files are stored and you can now replace those images.
Yac the Yak @yacyak
08 August, 02:15
Site Updates - 8/8/2021

- [Added] Cookies alert
- [Fixed] Removed sidebar movement when scrolling
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

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